The finishing touches FO#14

My modern garden cardigan is finally properly finished. It has buttons and everything.

And now it has buttons you can clearly see that I messed up the button holes.

I may research ways to insert a button hole, I may also just try to force it. Or I may just leave well enough alone. I haven’t decided yet.

I sewed the buttons on with matching embroidery thread. The buttons are from spotlight and I still have 3 left so I may make a matching hat.
Again I haven’t really decided yet.

Apart from the button hole lapse in concentration I’m super chuffed that I made this.
I do always feel a little bit self conscious wearing things I’ve made. In primary school wearing home made clothes put a target on your back which I haven’t altogether forgotten. I think things have changed though. More people see home made items as a hobby rather than a sign of lack of wealth.
Plus I burst out laughing any time someone insinuates knitting your own clothing is cheaper.






7 thoughts on “The finishing touches FO#14

  1. Great color and I ❤ the buttons. Yeah, I used to think knitting was cheaper too- until I started to knit! It's worth it to have soft yarn to rub all over my face, though.

    1. Oh yes. I had a pub conversation last Friday about how much a hand knitted pair of socks actually cost. He nearly fell of his seat.
      But fondling yarn inappropriately is one of the best parts of knitting

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