What. A. Month!

It’s not quite all over, it’s still a really busy time at work and we haven’t moved house yet, but I’ve started to think like a blogger again.

Just as I fall asleep imagining my hands knitting the last knitting pattern I was working on, I’ve started to think in blog posts. Which means by brain is bored and I need to start writing again.

So what’s been going on? Plenty!

Most of the stuff for our new house is done! Except the whole moving in part. We’ve signed our life away several times and have started putting our life into boxes.


Even though the weather is being a bit of a tease, it does feel like spring is on it’s way and there has been a hint of sunshine.
Look! Bare legs!



We finally cleaned up enough of an area for me to sew a cushion cover (with an invisible zip!).


And we found enough space for some blocking mats.


Not much space, but enough.

With any luck I’ll now be back to my usual schedule.
I have so much more to show you all!
But will leave it here for now.



8 thoughts on “Hulloooo!!!!!!

    1. Trust me there will be so many photos when we get to move in! I’m just glad all the paperwork and things are sorted.

      And knitting is the only thing that kept me sane with all those balls in the air.

  1. UGH, just thinking about moving again makes me want to lose my shit and run screaming in a thousand directions. Good luck with packing! It made me want to stab my eyeballs out.
    Keep showing them legs! It’s getting too cold up here for that shiz. I’ll live vicariously through your tan-ness.

    1. But see you just recently moved. I have been where I am for 4 years now and am more than ready to move!
      Packing isn’t too bad at the moment.
      And I’m not dreading moving. My plan for moving involves me and my gals putting all the easy stuff (clothes etc) and driving them over, then staying at the new place with music, and wine organising stuff.
      The boys can do all the heavy lifting and we’ll just stay out of their way.
      Gender stereotypes to the rescue!!!

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