A no, a maybe, & a soft yes

When we moved out of the apartment I pressed a few flowers to remember it by.

Turns out I pressed a lot of lavender, which we have at the house, but I still want to make some sort of artwork out of the pressed flowers.




Things didn’t exactly go as planned.
Whatever way I arranged it, things didn’t look right.

I looked through my paper stash but nothing seemed right.



The plan was to modpodge the dried flowers and some pretty paper to a canvas and that would be that.

My original plan was to make a crayon artwork like McStabby’s nugget made for her. But that failed dismally.

I was however able to use the canvas to test how the paper and flowers would stick, so it wasn’t an entirely wasted exercise. Even if I don’t have anything to show for it.



So it wasn’t an entirely failed experiment.
Although I still don’t know what to do with the pressed flowers.





What. A. Month!

It’s not quite all over, it’s still a really busy time at work and we haven’t moved house yet, but I’ve started to think like a blogger again.

Just as I fall asleep imagining my hands knitting the last knitting pattern I was working on, I’ve started to think in blog posts. Which means by brain is bored and I need to start writing again.

So what’s been going on? Plenty!

Most of the stuff for our new house is done! Except the whole moving in part. We’ve signed our life away several times and have started putting our life into boxes.


Even though the weather is being a bit of a tease, it does feel like spring is on it’s way and there has been a hint of sunshine.
Look! Bare legs!



We finally cleaned up enough of an area for me to sew a cushion cover (with an invisible zip!).


And we found enough space for some blocking mats.


Not much space, but enough.

With any luck I’ll now be back to my usual schedule.
I have so much more to show you all!
But will leave it here for now.



We are now one step closer to a new home, which means leaving the apartment I’ve lived in for 4 years (1.5 of them all by myself) to an actual house.
I have been dreaming about living in my own house for so long I almost can’t believe it.

Of course the first thing I’ve done is make lots of lists. The majority are pretty boring like ‘people we need tell our new address to’ or ‘new house budget’ or ‘services we need to reconnect’.
But there’s also…

Things I won’t miss about living in an apartment.
– Hearing other people’s toilets during the night
– Hearing other people’s TVs / arguments / pigs making noise
– Being so close to other people
– Climbing over hewhofishes to get out of bed every morning
– The spare room being a combination laundry/shed/sewing room/office
– Tripping over the tools in the hall way
– People looking into our living room
– The cold, cold tiles
– Stepping over things to get in the front door
– Moving the bins when we have to answer the back door
– Every single photo having shadows in them and the terrible lighting

Things I will miss about living in an apartment.
– Being able to (accurately) throw rubbish into the bins in the kitchen from the living room
– The rail over the bath that I use as a spare laundry
– Being 400 meters away from a train station
– Being so close to MidniteMoose. We’ll have to have a MooseRoom again. Or maybe a tram service between our two places.
– My silver CD wall
– Knowing that if we lose something it has to be in one of three rooms.
– Scribbling on the walls whenever I feel like it

Things I will be able to do now that we’re buying a house.
– Have enough space to trace and cut a pattern
– Recycle
– Play ‘Test Match Cricket – The Board Game’
– Send hewhofishes outside to potter in the garden
– Decorate!
– Walk to a decent local pub (not the best local pub, but still better than our current local pub which has naked ladies on the walls and its food menu is toasted sandwiches)
– Have a chaise lounge
– Have more than 3 people over at any one time.
– Sit on the balcony in a deck chair
– See the Australia day fireworks without leaving the house
– Have kitchen appliances specifically a mix master
– Take nice photos of my knitting

Things that probably won’t change
– Me being able to find scissors
– The frequency that I wash the floors
– Being sober enough to see the Australia day fireworks
– Not having enough space for all my doctor who merch
– All the clutter

There’s still plenty of time for the deal to fall apart, but a girl can dream.



Shh. Its a secret.

So I’m not going to share the 3 things I finished this week.

They’re all gifts so the recipients should be the first ones to see them. Then I’ll share them with the interwebs.

So instead I’m going to show you a present I made for my best friend’s birthday last year, and didn’t blog about it.
Instead it’s been sitting in drafts for ages.

It would be an understatement to say that midnite moose is my favourite girl in the world.
We woo together, watch sport together, and one night we drank vodka premix straight out of the bag together and dubbed ourself ‘classy bitches’.

There could only be one present to make to sum up our relationship.
A double sided cushion with “Woo” on one side and “we be classy bitches” on the other.

On polkadot fabric naturally.




Stuck in my head – Faker

I have a CD collection. I was given my first CD when I was 12 (Tina Arena – Chains) and since then I’ve accumulated many more.

There are all sorts of CDs in there. Some I play more than others. Some are only there because I hate throwing things away, particularly if I paid good money for them at one point (even more so if I was young and $30 meant a lot more back when I was at school).

I still buy CDs mostly because I really like the album format. I’ll buy a cd, sit down with the album artwork, listen to the music and hear it start to finish.
Plus I like my money were I can see it- on my walls and in my stash.

(It’s metallic silver paint and Ikea CD/DVD racks. One of my favourite things in my apartment)


My Bloke’s CD collection is also quite impressive. Although we haven’t merged the two, we have decided that we’re committed enough to not both buy the same CD. It has been 5 years.

I organise mine alphabetically by artist name then album name (ignoring any ‘the’ prefixes).
My Bloke organises his alphabetically by artist and then in order of album release date earliest to latest.
This argument is expected to last until we’re in retirement.

So my song for this week is my go-to song for whenever I’m tired and at work. After 4 days in bed watching 30 Rock, I am out of my pajamas and a sleepwalking member of society once again.



An impulse purchase

Somehow when I was buying a couch I managed to find one with built in stash storage.
I didn’t know this when I bought it. But somehow all of my works in progress have gradually migrated to this ledge between the couch and the wall.
It was a brilliant solution.
But I lived with someone who (quite understandably) didn’t think this solution was so brilliant. Mostly because I have a habit of going to bed and leaving my knitting on the couch instead of using the ledge.
Which leads to me hogging the couch when I’m not around.



So look at my new stash storage!!

It was an impulse buy from Bunnings and we ummed and ahhed before taking the plunge.
It does fit the space OK considering we didn’t measure it first.

Now all I need to do it fill it!!!


It’s an outfit post!

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.
But I reckon this is a good enough reason.

This is my cardigan! I am still super chuffed that I finished a big knitted project.

And this is my bookcase. The biggest reason that I haven’t done many outfit posts is that our apartment is so tiny, it gets no natural light, and there is no neutral place to use as a back drop.

So in lieu of a neutral place, I thought I’d show a part of my apartment that I’m proud of.
The first place that springs to mind is my cd collection. But that’s right next to the only window in the place and is really awkward to stand in front of.

So the next place is my bookshelf. I love to read. And I love to watch tv. To the left you can see my tea cup collection. And on the top shelf you can see my Dalek (and other assorted Doctor Who merchandise).
It’s forever changing, and being shuffled around, but I’m thinking of doing more outfit posts here. I’d love to know what people think of the location. Too cluttered? Too distracting? Or is it me? Will you all judge me on what you see in my bookcase?
Actually, if you haven’t already figured out who I am, my bookcase will certainly confuse or enlighten you.

So enough chat, here is me, pretending to model, wearing my own knitted creation.
(My jeans are cotton on, my shoes are from rubi, and my tank is from temt)






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Not my usual knitting post

It’s a different kind of finished object.
An edible finished object.

A strawberry to be precise. Grown by my green thumbed bloke, eaten by me.

My bloke doesn’t even like strawberries, but he grows them for me.

It was a bit of sweetness to start a Friday in what has been a very long week. 20121005-073307.jpg


(I did have a massive long post which I wrote one sleepless night this week, but lets just leave it at, it’s been a long week and I’m grateful it’s the weekend coming up)

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We’re pet owners now!

We live in a small apartment. We do the best we can and manage to pack a lot in. We also manage a pretty nice garden which I’m looking forward to eating the spoils of quite soon (we bought strawberries on the weekend!). But it’s definitely too small for any dog or cat. People often suggest birds, but I have a bit of a bird phobia. Certainly the Weiro the Mr wants is out of the question. I could possibly handle something small and fluffy, but not a bird that talks and has definitely eye poking ability.

We have an aquarium shop just down the road from us, and so on Saturday we went down to have a look.
The idea was just to get an idea of prices and sizes but when I saw these two little guys I just knew we had to have them.

So say hello to our new pets!!! They haven’t got names yet, but for now they’re Mr and Mrs Pinchie (or Mr and Mr, we respect their life choices).

Aren’t they just the cutest!

They’re native to WA, blue yabbies.
We have some Pygmy Perch on order to keep them company too, but they have to come from the south west (again WA native fish).

We put them to bed at night (play god switching the white light to a blue light), and even though they’re not the sort of pet you can snuggle with, they’re still part of the family.
Now they just need actual names.






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I like a man in a tool belt

It’s just all there in a row. Sex and mending things.

I like a man who can say ‘I can fix your cistern, and I can fix your cistern

Of course it’s a little hard to write the intonation there, but that’s a fantastic quote from Coupling.
Which is one of my most favourite shows ever.

And I do like a man in a tool belt.

Another thing I like? Books.

So a man that builds me a bookshelf, in my bathroom (and wears a toolbelt whilst doing it), is a man to keep hold of.

And guess which lucky lady now has a book shelf in her bathroom.

Below is the photo I took when it first went up.
And a few more photos down you’ll see it now.
A slightly different calibre of books, but that’s us.