i want to be a haim sister

And am irrationally angry that this video came out after I saw them live because I would have been that ultra cool person who knew the whole dance in the crowd.

And as I couldn’t add this song again, here’s two other tracks which have been on high rotation, along with Editors – The Weight of Your Love (with the commentary which is seriously doing a number on my playcounts.)




6 thoughts on “i want to be a haim sister

  1. Although I don’t really have anything against HAIM, they’re one of those acts that make me think, “wait, what makes this different to the pop stuff that triple J would usually refuse to play because it’s too mainstream sounding?”. Is that unfair?

    1. I have similar feelings about Vance Joy. I mean I only know that song because they played it at the cricket. I always thought it was Matt Corby though.

      The lines between pop and indie-pop are pretty blurry and very personal. I immediately wrote them off as being too pop, but they quickly won me over and then kicked it live. Maybe it’s because they play their own instruments and come with a level of authenticity.

      1. Ok. Good response. Not entirely convinced, but nearly πŸ™‚ .. Yeah the way “alternative” stations like JJJ shun some pop music but not others has always been a little weird. Can seem quite arbitrary at times. I still prefer it to the commercial stations most of the time though!

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