6 – Zero 7 – Distractions (164)

Song number 2 from Zero 7 in my top 20.
This song is two things. A great intro hook and quirky ‘I love you’ lyrics.

The hook just spirals around in my head, nauseatingly, dizzyingly, trying to take me away to a different world, a world back before I had ever said I love you let alone felt what I now know love to be.
It is distracting. It tries to intoxicate you, and then its vocals draws you in fancy a big house, some kids and a horse, I can not quite but nearly guarantee a divorce. I think that I love you, I think that I do. So go on mister, make Miss me Mrs you.

And then I grew up a bit. I read the lyrics, looked into them. And then it looked more bleak. It was a story of sarcasm, money, lust, not just the painful crying out of I love you, I love you, I love you I do
I turned a song that I looked at with innocent, never-in-love eyes, and I turned it into something so cold. The thought of someone distracting themselves from love just so they can get by.

But it twists and turns. Sometimes I’m still the 15 year old me, listening in optimising, wanting love at any cost.
The rest of the time I’m the 25 year old me, who has loved at great cost.
This song is two things.
And I can’t decide which one is better.


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