Bridgetown Adventures (pt 2) Nannup

I love going through photos after a holiday. I can reminisce and think about the good times. But also so close to the event I can remember all the things we said we’d do better next time.

Next camping trip we are not taking as much food.
This will be great as its one less thing for me to plan, but it’s also means spending money on local produce and wasting less food.

I don’t know why we hadn’t thought like this sooner.

And we have another place on the ‘to stay’ list. We did a day trip to Nannup and it was lovely. Full of little churches, interesting craft stores, and a good pub.
In fact the beef and gravy roll was a highlight. It came the day after I had burnt my mouth quite severely on a very hot honey carrot (to the point where it peeled most of the skin off and is now blistering 6 days later), but it just hit the spot I could eat it without too much pain.
Nannup was very pretty and I’d like to spend a little more time there in future.