2015 – a new musical adventure

I know that you’re all eagerly waiting to know what I voted for in triple J’s hottest 100 (baited breath right!)

Well without any further ado – here are my top 10 songs from last year. And it was really REALLY tough to narrow down. I think I had a 30 song shortlist that eventually culled into 10 songs.

Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile

Thelma Plum – How Much Does Your Love Cost?

Spoon – Do You

Silversun Pickups – Cannibal

The Decemberists – Make You Better

Cold War Kids – Drive Desperate

Cold War Kids – All This Could Be Yours

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Coming Down {Ft. Matt Berninger}

Blood Red Shoes – An Animal

Blood Red Shoes – The Perfect Mess

As always I’ve restricted my voting to the options that triple J give me, which explains the lack of Editors in this list.
Even though I loved the latest Editors album, it wasn’t all that well received.

To see all my highlights from last year my 2014 playlist can be found here.

And there is a 2015 one on the way!

Stay tuned.
(ha – I’m so punny)



Hottest 100

Well it’s that time of the year again.

Time to decide what what my top 10 songs of the year were (that were played by Aus radio station Triple J, and were popular enough to be included on their shortlist of songs to vote for.)

Some songs which I loved last year didn’t make the triple j list, (Trail of Dead) but I’ve learnt that if its not on the list, then it’s not going to be in the top 100, and my vote isn’t worth much.

It’s for this reason that I don’t believe the hottest 100 is anything more than the top songs which have been recommended for us by Richard Kingsmill.
Still triple j’s hottest 100, is better than any of the commercial radio stations and an Australia Day tradition.

So within those constraints here is my top 10 and close contenders.


I’ll be hoping to hear these songs whilst enjoying a couple of cold beverages with my nearest and dearest (and a paddling pool for good measure) this Australia Day.

It’s live streamed if anyone cares to listen (jan 26), or you can check out my top 51 shortlist to fill your ears with rad tunes.

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What were your top songs of 2012??

i love my lists

there’s nothing i love more than a list – except perhaps an automatically generated list.
The smarts at apple have provided me with an automatic playlist to fall back on since i got my first ipod (poodle) at 18…
Since then i’ve had to reset the play counts a couple of times due to computer failures, iTune upgrades gone wrong once or twice… But i haven’t had to do that for a good couple of years so most of the top 20 are well and truly in the 200+ plays column.
What surprised me about this list is the same artists popping up… Muse, Birds of Tokyo, Rise Against, Zero 7… I would count myself as a muse fan from way back – but zero 7 is a sunday morning / going to sleep album – Rise Against is a running album – Birds of Tokyo got hershed when i last went travelling (i had just seen them live and was reliving it over and over again)
Also there’s 5 songs that i haven’t even listened to in the last month…
I can’t see those top 2 songs getting knocked off any time soon…

The top 20 Most Played Songs on my iPoodle… Continue reading i love my lists

summer playlist – a work in progress

I’m having trouble coming up with my summer playlist this year…

Last year it was easy – I had bought a lot of EPs at gigs, was listening to a lot of community radio, going out a lot to ‘one-song’ bands (you know where you hear one song and want to check out what they have to say but they don’t have an album yet)…

This year I feel like ive been suckered into the commercial world – I’ve been to a lot more ‘big’ ($50+) gigs (them crooked vultures, brand new, dead weather, spoon, silversun pickups, new pornographers, ACDC) add in festivals (southbound, laneway, big day out, soundwave, futuremusic, on the bright side), a few small aussie acts (messhall, whitley, gyroscope, sugar army)… a lot of my CD money has been going on back-catalogueing and matching my digital library to my physical one… (my last 10 CD purchases – The Shins (Chutes Too Narrow) – The Rapture (Out of the Races) – Shortwave Set (Debt Collection) – Sparkleshorse (Vivadixiesubmarinetransmission) – Wavves (Wavves) – The Avalanches (Since I Left You) – The National (National) – Presidents of the United States of America (Presidents of the USA) – Tom Jones (What’s New Pussycat) – AFI (Sing the Sorrow)… there’s nothing there that was released this year… )

Ok so I spent a lot of money on music this year (should I try and remember which band shirts I bought this year?? Hmm… placebo, sspu, them crooked vultures, spoon, future of the left- and of course a stubbie holder from each festival I could) I still regret that they had sold out of Decemberist’s hoodies at BDO…

But I still feel like it was all pretty much commercial music – when I already have the EP, or even recognised the WAM Song of the Year winner, I knew that something had gone wrong this year…

So to get back on track I think it’s time to catalogue the southbound and laneway lineups… and I think from there I’ll get a pretty good summer playlist… also I might listen to the radio a bit more this week…
I think that’ll be a start…

if it turns out i’m not blogging into thin air – any summer playlist suggestions can go in the comments…