i love my lists

there’s nothing i love more than a list – except perhaps an automatically generated list.
The smarts at apple have provided me with an automatic playlist to fall back on since i got my first ipod (poodle) at 18…
Since then i’ve had to reset the play counts a couple of times due to computer failures, iTune upgrades gone wrong once or twice… But i haven’t had to do that for a good couple of years so most of the top 20 are well and truly in the 200+ plays column.
What surprised me about this list is the same artists popping up… Muse, Birds of Tokyo, Rise Against, Zero 7… I would count myself as a muse fan from way back – but zero 7 is a sunday morning / going to sleep album – Rise Against is a running album – Birds of Tokyo got hershed when i last went travelling (i had just seen them live and was reliving it over and over again)
Also there’s 5 songs that i haven’t even listened to in the last month…
I can’t see those top 2 songs getting knocked off any time soon…

The top 20 Most Played Songs on my iPoodle…
1. Children Collide – Say You’re Wrong (262)
2. Birds of Tokyo – Broken Bones(230)
3. British India – Frozen on the Inside (170)
4. Rise Against – Worth Dying For (169)
5. Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (165)
6. Zero 7 – Distractions (164)
7. Brand New – Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Doesn’t (159)
8. Birds of Tokyo – Desperate (148)
9. Zero 7 – Destiny (147)
10. Rise Against – The Good Left Undone (144)
11. Billy Brag & Wilco – California Stars (143)
12. The Butterfly Effect – Aisles of White (141)
13. Portishead – Glory Box (140)
14. Rise Against – Roadside (139)
15. Muse – Unintended (135)
16. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Will You Smile Again (133)
17. Zero 7 – Out of Town (132)
18. Muse – Invincible (132)
19. Muse – Uno (132)
20. The Rapture – Whoo? Alright – Yeah.. Uh Huh (132)

over the next few weeks i’ll go through what each of these songs means to me and why they do or don’t deserve their spot in my top 20 most played…


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