southbound saturday

After a not-so-trashy new years eve in a Bunbury caravan park it was off to Southbound!

I had to drive as my boy was feeling rather poorly (self inflicted so he gets no sympathy), and driving his beast is always a bit nerveracking for me. It’s not something I particularly enjoy but we arrived at Sir Bovells Park, Busselton in one piece, and rather far away from the entrance.
Lugging three days worth of clothes, tent, bedding, and other miscellaneous items 400m into the campground is not fun. But we eventually got through the bag check unscathed, and parked ourselves under a tree. We made friends with our neighbours and chatted until the first band (The Ghost Hotel) was due to begin. BFF (for this weekend she was known as Marnie, as she got really sunburnt like our friend Marnie did last southbound) came with me and we left the boys at the camp site.
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