boys and their bbqs

well the last two nights have been a bbq affair.
monday night was hotdogs as we were watching several NFL games and was getting into the spirit of things. It was more of an aussie snausage snizzle really but the thought was there… Even if a vikings win wasn’t – and the bears had a bye week so it really was nothing to write home about…
But i got to wear my new Petersen Guernsey that i bought on the weekend… He had a good game – pity our quarterback didn’t.

but last night my boy had a hankering for some kebabs – i had some chicken already in the fridge so we marinated that with some oil and barbeque seasoning (thanks 5 ingrediant fix’s Claire Robinson for the idea!) and then he strung them onto skewers with mushrooms, capsicum, and cherry tomatos and barbequed them to perfection… i made the potato salad – potatos, egg, peas, red onion, mushrooms, and potato salad dressing. not my most inspired effort – usually there’s some bacon, spring onions, fresh parsley, sometimes i’ll put corn in there… but i remembered the bacon after i had finished and didn’t have any of the other ingrediants at hand…
but it was delicious anyway… and i have some leftovers for work lunch today…
show me potato salad!!! (onya family guy)


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