1. Children Collide – Say You’re Wrong (262)

Coming in at number 1 with a whopping 262 playcounts…
“i’ve locked myself inside my head until you’ve gone away”

This was the first children collide song i ever heard and i still frickin love it.

It was on my boyfriends top rated when i first met him and stole a stack of music (most of which ive since bought or deleted).

I was hooked with its punk steamrolling effect, the catchiness of its lyrics, and the way the lyrics are delivered.

It became one of those songs that was on every playlist – i shouted it in the car – would make me run faster… and only being 2 minutes long its pretty easy to listen to…

I have yet to find the EP that this is from for a reasonable price – but am comforted by the fact that J owns it (and we’re at the stage of the relationship where buying 2 of each cd’s is starting to seem redundant)
I’ve seen children collide 4 times now ( southbound 2011 will be number 5) and im yet to hear them play it…
Maybe some day…
in the meantime i will sing it loudly and probably incorrectly but im going to enjoy myself…
“i only lied to make it right and maybe save your life…
i never told you that i wouldn’t kill you with the truth…
i know you know i promised
i know you know i did
i’ll make up some old words and maybe we will have our own song… “


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