lists and lists

Im making a list and singing vegietales – I love my lips…

Wow I have a lot of things to do today…
Preparing for going camping certainly involves a lot. We’re getting better and more planned but I still have a to-do list as long as my arm.
So this afternoon I have to
– Buy more work shoes
– Buy shorts / hoodie / bag?maybe
– Try to not get too distracted at the Galleria (which is where I think I’ll go shopping – I may go harbour town but I hate having to pay for parking)
– Go to the supermarket (which I may do while I’m at the Galleria just because the coles next to my place is frickin manic. all. the. time.)
– Figure out what we’re going to have for dinner tonight
– Make a scone mix for the weekend (I learnt how to bake scones in a bbq and can’t wait to try it)
– Make potato cakes for the Saturday breakfast
– Wash and redye my hair
– Pack! Always important…
and I think that’s it…
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something – I always forget something.. .
Now I just need to make shopping lists and a list of things to pack.. .

Did I mention I love lists?

Breakfast Saturday Morning
– Bacon
– Eggs
– Mushrooms
– Bread
– Potato
– Onion
– Sausages (small)
– Tomato
– (can you buy tomato sauce/bbq sauce in individual packets?
– milk

To pack for Breakfast Saturday morning
– Fry pan(s)
– Spatula(s) cooking utensils
– Butter
– Bbq sauce / tomato sauce

Must not forget
– Towel
– Bathers
– Clean underwear
– Head torch
– Jumper/Trousers/sherpa (for the nights)
– Shorts/shirts
– Walking shoes/surf shoes/thongs
– Anything else that I’ve forgotten about?? Eep….
But Friday afternoon – camping here we come!!!

Did I mention I’m excited?


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