more about potato salad

Apologies for not taking photos of last nights dinner but it looked so frickin awesome i just had to get stuck in – it was a variation on last weeks kebabs and potato salad but this time with seafood. J made the skewers with mushroom, onion, scallops, and prawns that he had marinated in an olive oil and garlic mix. He also cooked up some whiting fillets – all done on the bbq.
He cooked them brilliantly too – he’s been overcooking them recently so he tried to not overcook them and he suceeded.
I remembered the bacon in the potato salad this time! I also cooked the onion as i only had a brown onion, not a red one. I also hard boiled the eggs properly which always helps. And because i always over cater there’s enough for lunch today and maybe some tomorrow – huzzah!
Potato salad is awesome…

And my vikes won last night too, in overtime… It was an awesome game. I thought it was all over when we needed two touchdowns in 3 minutes and had been killed on turnovers all game (all season) but we did it and me and my peterson guernsey (dress) were jumping on the couch, not using my inside woo. Awesomeness!
All round it was a very good evening – making tea together whilst watching f1, me reading a babysitters club book while he watched bear grylls, watching some Walter Payton highlights on youtube. It kinda makes me think that if j does get kicked out of where he’s living, we could live together relatively sucessfully in such a small place…


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