12. The Butterfly Effect – Aisles of White (141)

Hey, wait, this time it’s not too late
To stop this ship from sinking
Don’t , go, so much you didn’t know,
It’s never what you’re thinking

This is from their Imago album which was released in 2006 – so it’s had a few years to get up the play count. Plus its just an absolutely awesome song.
It starts off so subtly, and all you can hear the pain and longing, until it builds and becomes a cry.
Words cannot describe my feelings towards this song.
I love every single lyric in it.
And I have seen these guys so many times over the last 6 years the first being at Rockit in 2004 (I also saw brand new there but I wasn’t a fan so I didn’t know who they were. I actually had a difficult time watching butterfly effect because the guy I was with was a fuckwad, but that’s a horror story for another time).
Every single time I hear this song I fall more and more in love with it.
It is wonderful and magical and I have added at least 5 more plays to it whilst writing this.
And the rest of this album is wonderful also.


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