it’s gone all wintery all of a sudden

wow … i dont know what’s happened to the weather but it doesn’t look pretty outside.
well it does look pretty but it’s not the 40+ degree weather that you expect in perth in summer.
it’s raining
which is great for the dams
and great for reading a good book (persuasion), watching some trashy telly (project runway), and pretending it’s cold enough to wear uggies.

so i put a chicken roast in the oven (chicken thigh with sundried tomatoes and cream cheese wrapped up, with roast tomatoes, pommes, and spinach and mushrooms sauteed in garlic butter = mmmmm!)
settled in with my new hoody, jeans, and my old favourite knee high uggies…
and listened to the rain and fireworks.
it was a good monday evening.


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