My new favourite room

My crafty room.
I’m pretty pleased with how it looks at the moment. It has just been organised so everything is neat and tidy which won’t last too long, but it’s become my favourite room in the house. (This post is really picture heavy – I tried to cut it down but it didn’t happen)


Technically this is the spare room, but my yarn stash, my sewing machine, my fabric and my jewellery making supplies are all in here so I’ve claimed it.

I saw this print in Typo just as we put the first offer in on the house. It was $50 and we didn’t know that we would get this place so I didn’t buy it.
I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I kept an eye out and couldn’t find it online anywhere.
Then I had a shitty day. I don’t actually remember what had happened but I had to go see my doctor. I was in a shitty mood, and I was already in the city so I thought I’d just swing by typo and if it was still there I’d buy it.

It was the last one there and it was on sale, reduced to $20.

It was rather awkward carrying it home on a peak hour train but totally worth it.


These cupboards were in the apartment where they had a sliding door. When we moved we (I mean He) took off the glass sliding doors to move it.
Once they were in, the doors required a fuckton of effort to put back on and I really liked the idea of pretty curtains.

I went to Spotlight in search of fabric and ended up finding the teapots in the middle. After finding two other matching fabrics I took it to the counter to cut but there wasn’t enough teapot material. Fortunately another Spotlight had it in stock so I visited two in one day and spent my weekly allowance in one hit.


I also walked away with these really cute wooden drawers sets.
They’re just MDF which requires assembly, a lick of paint, and some paper.



And while I had all the supplies out I decided to paper my desk as well. I’m still very much a novice, but really this is the only time anyone is going to be looking that closely at it.


And then put curtains on it to hide potential mess. Although while it’s relatively clean I’ll give you a sneak peak.




I even sorted my yarn & fabric stash!




There’s absolutely no way it will stay this organised for long!!!

But my favourite part of all is the walls.
I have a monster print from Marielle.


Some Kate Gabrielle originals.


And some Bekswhoknits embroideries.


Even my cupboard is organised at the moment.


So in case you can’t tell I am totally in love with this room!!! And it’s hard not to be when the stained glass is shining all over it.



The only thing it’s missing is a table! But I am so incredibly grateful to have all of this space. My new craft room is bigger than the bedroom in my old apartment. And there’s still scope for the imagination. I have my eye on a few more prints, plus I have plans to make some too!
Craftiness is happiness.




15 thoughts on “My new favourite room

  1. Wow, What I fantastic work space. I love the way you have decorated it and that he has set up the furniture for you perfectly. He is a perfect partner.

  2. Craftiness is -definitely- happiness. Wow what a beautiful craft space! Which reminds me, I need to sort out my desk/craft area so I can actually get to work!

  3. Lurve it! I recognize that typo poster you’ve got up! (my lil bag is currently holding my DPN collection.) That large print from typo with the teacups is awesome! You’ve totes put me to shame by already being fully decorated, when I moved into my house in August…whoops.

      1. Week……end?

        And yes, I do love my nuggety crayon art. She’s making one for my mother in law as well. I’d have her make you one, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t make it to Aus in one piece!

      2. goddamn i didn’t actually read the end of that comment and nearly choked on my food.
        Make sure someone sings Total Eclipse of the Heart at my funeral.

  4. I love your new craft room! One day when I’m all grown-up I want a craft room too! Or.. tomorrow if someone will give me one πŸ˜‰ I imagine that just having the space helps you to be creative and embrace craftiness in your life. Have fun with all the final adjustments etc. It’s already looking cozy and crafty πŸ˜‰ (and I think the print looks wonderful on your wall, they all do πŸ™‚ )

    1. I know I have a mortgage and a house and all but does that really make me all grown-up?

      All the space is just brilliant! Sometimes I just fling out my arms and twirl – just because I can.

      Your print is just too awesome.

  5. Love it! There’s nothing like having your own craft space πŸ™‚ And there’s nothing like moving to get everything organized πŸ˜‰ I’m hoping to REorganize my space (sans the moving) this year ❀

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