An exercise in yarn bombing

One day my beloved HeWhoFishes is going to wake up one morning and the whole house will be covered in yarn.
Actually he probably already has nightmares about it.

Wouldn’t that staircase look brilliant yarn bombed? It’s oh so tempting.


I don’t think I’ll get the required planning approval for the staircase, so I’ve started small and started to bomb my crafty-room-chair.

I was holding my first handspun in my hands, fondling it and wondering what I should do.
There’s only a small amount and various thicknesses.
I wanted to put it on display, but I didn’t know where.

And so I knitted it up and put it on my chair. (Yes I’m watching Bobs Burgers.)



My crafty room may still be disorganized with a pile of bedding in the corner (it will double as a guest room), but maybe by the time my room is ready, my chair will be ready too.




6 thoughts on “An exercise in yarn bombing

  1. You’re damn right, you’re watching Bob’s Burgers! BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST SHOW EVARRRR.

    I never thought of yarn bombing my own house. I imagine my own LSH would also have nightmares.

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