lasagne and crap telly

that was pretty much last night.
there was absolutely nothing on telly at all.
and because i didn’t know what time J was coming round i cooked up a lasagne, it’s something that keeps really well, it doesn’t matter when it goes into the oven and if he ended up not coming round i have more for myself.
but he did end up coming round, and watching some crap telly.
seriously i don’t know what’s with television at the moment, i know its non ratings season but seriously. we ended up watching the heat/jazz game, a bit of curling (yes it was that bad) and some repeats of sitcoms that we’d seen before.
but the lasagne was good

my mince sauce
first, put a chopped onion, a couple of sticks of celery (also chopped), and grated carrot in a pan with some oil and garlic. put the lid on and wait for it to smell good
then add the mince and let that brown up nice and good
add some red wine and some bbq sauce let that evaporate
add a tin of kidney beans and a tin of chopped tomatos
some chicken stock (from a box works) a bit of wooshter sauce herbs etc depending on what tasted good
some already chopped mushrooms (cos i’m lazy)
sometimes i’ll put spinach in as well but i put it as a side garnish instead

the cheese sauce
i tried something different – instead of making a roux, i went the cornflour route – just milk, cornflour, mustard powder, and cheese…
lots of cheese.

layered and topped with more cheese and fresh parsley…


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