8. Birds of Tokyo – Desperate (148)

i think i’ve already talked about birds of tokyo, but this song does mean something else to me.

(yeh silversun pickups supported them – what’s with that??!)

but BDO 09, birds were there, i was there with my boyfriend and his mates for the first time, and his sister and i met up in the mosh pit. it was kinda awkward but cool. both rockin out and then we both met up at Eddy Current which was just as awesome.
we went on to have an even better time together at the ’10 BDO but that’s another story. (she totally became my festival buddy and i miss her to bits – southbound won’t quite be the same, still awesome, but not the same)

J had gone to see some hip hop band he was interested in – so we just rocked out in the mosh to birds.
and it’s one of those great sing along songs, with a great hook, a great rock aesthetic, it really did top off a great set.
i has that awesome intro where (because it’s off their first album) anyone that’s been into birds for longer than their latest single, everyone just starts jumping around and singing and all the little emo kids wonder what’s going on. i love it when that happens.
“i love it when you’re desperate,
i love it when you can’t compete
i love it when you’re desperate
you never make sense to me”


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