all-in pasta salad

Now that the weather’s getting hotter, it’s turning into beer garden and salad weather. But on a week day night the beer garden is a little more tricky, but the salads aren’t.

This was my version of all-in pasta salad.
It’s all-in because it’s pretty much using up everything I had in my cupboards the day before going food shopping.
But to its credit it turned out beautifully. (if I was to use this ‘recipe’ again, the only thing I would do differently is have some spinach leaves on hand – that would just add something even better)

I boiled some spiral pasta and added some frozen peas
Once that had cooked I drained it, put it back in the saucepan and added
two little tins of tuna , a tin of corn, a tin of water chestnuts , and a small jar of olives
mixed all that around in the saucepan and then added my dressing.
My signature dressing consists of
– Mayonnaise
– Lemon Juice
– Mustard
(usually Dijon or Australian because they’re my faves)
– Olive Oil
(flavoured if that’s what’s closest)
– Salt and pepper
(too much)
– Herbs
(I always use parsley and coriander because I grow them – but as my herb patch is depleted at the moment I went for tubed herbs which still tastes good)
And hot water to mix it together.
Mix that really well, I have a little whisk which makes it easier. Add it to the pasta salad, sprinkle some cheese on top and bob’s your aunty.
Again quantities are pretty hit and miss – I tend to go for taste more than quantities, somedays I’ll like more mustard somedays more lemon juice.
The important thing is to have enough to lightly coat the pasta. But if not you can always add more.
But I use this dressing pretty often – it works well on garden salads and I love that bite of mustard.
I would have loved to have some spinach leaves to put in this, but because the day before food shopping my fresh food stash was pretty bare.

This makes a good lunch, and it was super easy.

Is there anything else that could have been added to make this better? What goes into your all-in pasta salad?
Let me know…


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