17 Zero 7 – Out of Town (132)

Hot coffee on a brisk Sunday morning
Glossy magazines in the bath
Lying in bed at night solving the world’s problems
Warm afternoons, chilling after a hard days work
A glass of white wine on my balcony
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6 – Zero 7 – Distractions (164)

Song number 2 from Zero 7 in my top 20.
This song is two things. A great intro hook and quirky ‘I love you’ lyrics.

The hook just spirals around in my head, nauseatingly, dizzyingly, trying to take me away to a different world, a world back before I had ever said I love you let alone felt what I now know love to be.
It is distracting. It tries to intoxicate you, and then its vocals draws you in fancy a big house, some kids and a horse, I can not quite but nearly guarantee a divorce. I think that I love you, I think that I do. So go on mister, make Miss me Mrs you.
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9. Zero 7 – Destiny (147)

i simply love this entire album.
it lets me sink away into another time.
if there’s one theme about my top 20, it’s that they all transport me somewhere. i guess that’s why i love music so much.
it’s transporting
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