i’m not sure much else could go wrong…

seriously… what is with tonight…
actually it all started with the first plumber on Saturday night who couldn’t do anything.
well that and the fact that i had to call a plumber because my bathroom was flooded.

and another plumber on Sunday who couldn’t do anything – so i spent two hours away from work (which today was glorified track-tagging and frickin boring as) this morning waiting for the plumbers to do whatever it is they needed to do, which apparently they did. But they didn’t turn my gas back on!!

So i got home from work late (because i’m making up the time i took off this morning), i’m tired (because the plumber didn’t show up last night until 10:00), and i’m feeling frustrated because…
i don’t have any gas, which is my hot water system, my oven, and stove top…
No hot water to mop my floor with (which looks like 3 plumbers have been trekking water through – and my brand new steam mop doesn’t work), no hot water for a shower (as i haven’t showered since the plumbing issues started on Saturday night – ickky!), and for some reason the bbq is covered in ants (which is not my domain – i’m pretty sure bug spray isn’t going to work and i have had enough!)

so the schnitzel went in the sandwich press.
which worked really well.
and it was delicious.
with a spinach, feta, and beetroot salad.

it hit the spot.

i still have no gas, am still stinky, and have covered part of the floor with a mat.
but i am well fed, some bad tv to watch, and some knitting to relax me.

and hopefully an early night…
ahh… mondays…

look at the pretty pink beetroot

and a picture of a cloudy city on the drive into work this morning


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