weekends pass too quickly

Another weekend has ended but no photographs to show for it!

But I made a beautiful polka dot skirt, put together a flat pack desk, spent some quality time with my best friend and her new squeeze, had a father day lunch with the in-laws, watched my football team avoid last place, and went and saw Wicked! the musical.

I think Iā€™m back at work for a break.

Wicked! was absolutely fantastic (or wonderful!). I know i’m a bit late to the game but I have always loved musical theatre. I was always involved in musical theatre in High School and it brought back a whole heap of memories.

I would have loved to have been at Port Adelaide’s first game at Adelaide Oval, but tickets were too expensive ($700+ from Perth to Adelaide return!), but we scraped our third win for the season and avoided last place.

And I’ll do a full post on my new skirt this week. I can’t believe I wore it non-stop all weekend and not one single photo.

So overall a very good weekend, and I can now start looking forward to this weekend (..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead… excitement!!!)

beks xx


2 thoughts on “weekends pass too quickly

  1. Oh I would love to see the skirt! As you know I do not sew, and ordered that dress that well was a HUGE failure. It looks great but is unwearable. We are now considering making it into a skirt, taking the lapels and making it into pockets with the buttons as decor ….just to not waste the money or the dress. Just hoping my daughter can pull it off! Thanks for the comment on my blog xx

    1. well i’ve put a couple of photos, and a link to the wonderful tutorial that helped me make the skirt in my latest post.
      Hope you like it.

      But in researching skirt designs there are heaps of tutorials out there about turning a dress into a skirt.
      Good luck!

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