Yarn Collection – Blood Red Shoes

My blanket just keeps on growing!



It’s gobbling up yarn so quickly I was forced (at gunpoint) to go and buy some more. Fortunately it’s on special (yay!) and $2 a ball. So I grabbed all the white they had. Then I went on a dyeing spree.

This time I experimented with dyeing 3 skeins at once. It was a vague attempt at dyeing a cohesive collection.

I’ve named them after Blood Red Shoes song titles.

It's getting boring by the sea
It’s getting boring by the sea

Everything All At Once
The Perfect Mess

Night Light
Night Light

Night Light was inspired by this picture I took from the balcony one night.
We do get some gorgeous sunsets.


I also experimented once more with separating colours using jars. There’s probably more technical ways to do this, but I’m having fun figuring it out for myself.

Some of the yarns from my previous dyeing adventures have been knitted up and look awesome, if I do say so myself.

My only regret is that I used two variegated acrylics that I just had in my stash and thought I could use them up.
They haven’t got the same drape as the pure wool. It’s probably something that only I will notice, but I will have to accept it. There’s no way I’m ripping back all of that work!

I’m totally counting these as ticking off my ‘Dye a yarn collection’ goal for this year.



8 thoughts on “Yarn Collection – Blood Red Shoes

  1. Wow- your dye jobs are glorious, especially the sunset one!
    I grew up in Brisbane, and we had seriously awesome and very dramatic sunsets, but I never realised or thought they were that special until I share-housed with a German student, and he would often be sitting on the front step watching the sunset when I came home. Took him marvelling to make me see!

  2. I REALLY need to learn to dye yarn- but maybe from you, because I’d probably biff it on my own. That blanket looks so snuggly! I love that you’re getting such a good variety of colors/looks with each stripe.

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