it started with a craving for mushroom fettucini

And ended with a fantastico meal…
The most difficult thing was frying all the components.
First into my pan went butter… mmm butter…
with a little garlic olive oil because that stops it burning according to all the cooking shows i watch.
then 2 cloves of garlic, a finely chopped onion, and some finely chopped celery.
That fried (sauteed?) until it went translucent.

Then i added some chicken thigh which i had sliced into strips. The strips was to try and make it noticeable, rather than dicing it and everything kind of mixing in together.
I let the chicken really brown up, and then added some chopped bacon. In hindsight (which is 20:20) it probably didn’t need the bacon, but my boy would probably disagree. He got very excited when he got home from work and i was cutting up a kilo of bacon (most of the kilo went in the freezer, not in the pasta sauce!)
After the bacon was cooked, i added some mushrooms and diced capsicum, and fried that off a bit.
I mixed that all around to combine it, in order to fry it all i kept pushing the individual components to one side until i had to sides left.
I splashed it with white wine, i don’t know much about wine so i confess i just used what i had, i don’t know if it’s what i ‘should’ have been using.
And once the white wine has reduced i added 2 packets of long life cream. I’m never prepared enough to have fresh cream.
And then i let it bubble away until the liquid to solid ratio looked like it would stick to pasta with just that little bit left over. And added some salt and pepper of course.
When that looked just about good i cooked the pasta (a fresh pasta packet, because i had a craving for fresh pasta like my mum sometimes makes)
And i made an improvised garlic bread from a ciabatta roll, which i buttered (shock!) and spread garlic paste over, then straight in the sandwich press.

And it was good…
if i do say so myself…


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