Good ol packet food

Because my new kitchen is taking a while to save for (must post this before the gig reviews i’m currently drafting show my true priorities), and because i really hate the colour of the cupboards, last weekend we brought some black paint.
The black paint will also be used on some shelves in my spare room (the joys of home ownership being able to do stuff – the con is having to pay for it).
But if you’ve noticed my kitchen from previous posts you’ll have noticed that it’s a hideous dark brown stain, which really doesn’t match my black, grey, and pink theme that i’ve got going.

So my lovely, gorgeous, talented, and good at painting boyfriend has kindly volunteered to paint them for me tonight.
So i felt it was only fair to cook him dinner. And all day i’ve been craving mexican food so i bought one of those Chicken Quesidila packs. They have the corn burrito, salsa, and chicken seasoning all in the pack. All you have to do is cook the chicken with the onion, add capsicum and mushroom, put it in the burrito and then top with cheese and fold over. Bung it in the oven until the cheese melts (and the corn cobs cook).

Some lettuce for crunch, the salsa over the top, and there you go – dinner is served.

And keeping with the lazy, i mean packet theme, i made up a packet sticky date pud. But it wasn’t all that good.
Even a bit of vanilla ice cream didn’t help it. But sticky date pudding has a lot to live up to in my books.

The best sticky date pud i’ve ever had was when i took my boy out for his birthday one time. It was an obscure restaurant in Mt Lawley called LavaStone. You cooked your own meal on a stone (which was good, although over priced for cooking your own food).

But the sticky date pud.

Oh the pud.

I’m only slightly ashamed that my boy went to the loo just as it came out and there wasn’t much left when he came back. We almost bought another one but it was very pricey.
So from now on that’s the sticky date that all future sticky dates have to meet.
And this packet mix just didn’t do it.
That sticky date was perfection. It was nice and dense, with gooey caramel but it didn’t overpower the sweetness of the dates.
I honestly don’t think i can ever go back there because it wouldn’t meet expectations.

But on a completely different note – happy birthday Ross Taylor. A superb New Zealand innings against Pakistan. Almost as enjoying as watching my boyfriend paint cupboards.
No, wait, much more enjoying.


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