Rise Against – Endgame

I’m currently listening to the stream of Rise Against – Endgame

I have 5 of their albums, The Unravelling, The Sufferer and the Witness, Siren Song of the Counter Culture, Revolutions Per Minute, and Appeal to Reason. So i’m not unaquainted with the band.
I saw them last year at Big Day Out and thought they rocked.
They know their stuff. I know who they’re writing for.

They’re writing for the teenage emo kids who are being bullied at school.
Every song is for them.
I never felt like it was being so blatantly rammed down my throat.

Maybe if i was back in highschool, struggling to fit in, and wondering how it will all turn out. Maybe if that’s who i was, than i would think more of this album.

But i really don’t.

Musically it is as predictable as ever, but lyrically i feel that they channeled their insecure high-school selves. Maybe that’s what they were going for.
Looking back their previous albums had more layers.
They had more of a story, more than just an emotion.
Maybe i’ve completely missed the point of this album – but it’s not for me.

There’s no track that makes me want to buy it.
To my mind it doesn’t have a catchy stand out lead single.
Certainly nothing that I haven’t heard before.

Sorry Rise Against, i am still a fan, just not of this album.


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