Rise Against – Endgame

I’m currently listening to the stream of Rise Against – Endgame

I have 5 of their albums, The Unravelling, The Sufferer and the Witness, Siren Song of the Counter Culture, Revolutions Per Minute, and Appeal to Reason. So i’m not unaquainted with the band.
I saw them last year at Big Day Out and thought they rocked.
They know their stuff. I know who they’re writing for.

They’re writing for the teenage emo kids who are being bullied at school.
Every song is for them.
I never felt like it was being so blatantly rammed down my throat.
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4. Rise Against – Worth Dying For (169)

Set me off like dynamite strapped tight around my waist
We are the ones in competition but claim this ain’t no race
Take a breath and explode like bullets tearing through the wind
Cut me up with a razor blade that tries to separate the skin

this was one of those songs that was on the set of 4 mix tapes that my boy made me about 2 months into dating; he’s introduced me to a lot of music, and i’ve introduced him to a lot of music. We’ve shared our tastes quite a bit – and we both have similar views about downloading and have massive CD collections which, if we move in together, will become one massive shrine. We’ve already stopped buying duplicates. Continue reading 4. Rise Against – Worth Dying For (169)