The Kills – Blood Pressures

Firstly a disclaimer.

I love The Kills.
I love Alison Mosshart.
I watched The Kills by myself in 08 at V Fest whilst all my mates were watching Madness.
I saw The Dead Weather (almost a year ago to the day) and watched Alison more than Jack White. And defended her when my boyfriend was yelling “eat a sandwich”.
They are one of the bands where I own every album.

I was more than likely always going to like this album.

So with all my bias out in the open, I completely adore this album.

I love how some of the songs are so catchy, if they weren’t sung with Alison’s growling menace they would be immediate pop songs.

It sings of betrayal and lost love without smacking you over the head with ‘woe is me’.
It sounds like it has the grit of No Wow, with the song writing of Midnight Boom.
It typifys the sound of the Kills

And it’s currently in the 15 – 20 play count per track after a week.

Stand out tracks – DNA, Nail In My Coffin, Damned If She Do, Future Starts Slow


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