Yarn shopping!

Even though it was raining yesterday, I needed to buy some new yarn to start a couple of new knitting projects. So I decided to brave the rain and head to Spotlight.

I love Spotlight. It doesn’t have the feel of the little yarn store in Bassendean, but it’s so big you can find pretty much anything you want.

And of course there were a couple of impulse buys. I was tired of using a big sistema container (me tired of sistema, yes I know, world gone topsy-turvy) that was too small. So I bought a fold out kind of hamper ($10), which I thought was pretty trendy until I got it home and J remarked that it looked like something his Nan owns. But his Nan is all kinds of awesome so I don’t really mind too much.

I also bought a knitting needle case ($5). I bought a bamboo set of double pointed needles from eBay which has sizes from 4 – 8 (so a lot of needles) and I needed to have some organization to them. I love order and having everything in place.


So I started dinner, and set to work cataloging my new yarn.

I have an awesome iPhone app called knit minder which lets me keep track of what yarn I have at any given point, what I’m working on, and what needles I own.

This is perfect for when I go into spotlight and am completely overwhelmed and forget what I’m looking for.





So I catalogued my yarn and flicked through the free spotlight magazine which I got for signing up to their loyalty program.
Inspired, I downloaded all the free knitting patterns from knittingdaily.com to my iPad, so I can peruse them at my leisure.
I haven’t bought any patterns yet as I’m still unsure about my knitting ability and don’t want to spend money on something that I may not be able to complete.

Of course my favourite pattern at the moment is British Morning Socks, and I’m knitting a pair for my boyfriend J in Paton’s Inca grey with a blue trim.

But disaster! Half way through I’ve run out of the grey.
Better go yarn shopping!


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