Embroidering things

I’ve been embroidering. I asked a question on A Sheepish Girl‘s (oh so lovely) blog about what stitch she uses for her text, I’ve been itching to try back stitch ever since.
It’s just like knitting but in lines. (In a kind of not really sort of way.) but a lot easier then stem stitch.

So I opened up phonto on my iPad and typed in a couple of quotes. (If you then set that image as the home screen it makes it easier to trace.)
So once it’s traced onto the fabric, I used back stitch to make the letters.
And things just clicked. More so than they did with stem stitch.

It is really relaxing. Not as much as knitting. It doesn’t have the same TV watching options (I don’t think you could ever embroider with your eyes closed, or during a really important scene), but it’s great for listening to music.

But quotes!!! And music lyrics! I have so many things to embroider on cushions and to put on walls and I can see a lot of decorating until my Bloke gets fed up with embroidery and I have to start decorating my BFF’s house (who reads this and can now request embroidered items. I promise I want embroider a doily for you!).

I digress! Here’s my embroidery attempts.
The quotes are from Silversun Pickups, Wolf Parades, and Parks And Recreation.




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inspiration from around the web this week

<a href="http://wildolive.blogspot.com/2011/11/story-of-making-your-story-book.html”>this DIY for making a story book, brought back memories of a pen-pal book my primary school best friend and I wrote with each other. Each letter was in an envelope which was then bound together to make a book.
If I recall correctly we had both read Anne of Green Gables, and so naturally it had a tragic ending, like so many writers club stories had.

it’s such a pretty watch – and a really easy DIY

this tutorial also posted at the hairpin has got me really excited for sewing again.
I have a car back and the first place I’m going is my local fabric store.
I need to find that perfect pattern for a dress that I can just make in so many fabrics it’s not funny. Maybe this modcloth pattern

This really cute thread holder cosy from Scathingly Brilliant.
Although first I need someone handy in my life (wouldn’t it be useful if I lived with someone who enjoyed carpentry – oh wait! I do!) who could build me a thread holder.

A Sparkley Silver Lining finally inspired me to design buttons for all my alter-egos (look to the right! woo – look at that. And whilst you’re looking right, why not check out my google+ profile – it contains the highlights of my daily google reader addiction)

And finally from etsy this gadget wallet. I’m pretty sure I can reverse engineer it and make it myself, but I need this in my life.
For those iPad owners around the place with iOs5 installed, the newsstand feature has free issues of magazines available. The
Mollie Makes
magazine has an awesome tutorial on making a wallet. Maybe it could be adapted.

Yarn shopping!

Even though it was raining yesterday, I needed to buy some new yarn to start a couple of new knitting projects. So I decided to brave the rain and head to Spotlight.

I love Spotlight. It doesn’t have the feel of the little yarn store in Bassendean, but it’s so big you can find pretty much anything you want.

And of course there were a couple of impulse buys. I was tired of using a big sistema container (me tired of sistema, yes I know, world gone topsy-turvy) that was too small. So I bought a fold out kind of hamper ($10), which I thought was pretty trendy until I got it home and J remarked that it looked like something his Nan owns. But his Nan is all kinds of awesome so I don’t really mind too much.

I also bought a knitting needle case ($5). I bought a bamboo set of double pointed needles from eBay which has sizes from 4 – 8 (so a lot of needles) and I needed to have some organization to them. I love order and having everything in place.

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New toy

Well with some of the money that we got paid out from the insurance company. After replacing most of the clothes and furniture, there was a little money left to buy me an iPad.

Yeah so maybe I’m rationalizing it a bit, but I wanted one.
And I have wanted one for ages.

I must confess i’m a bit of a apple fangirl, I have had an iPod since I was 17 (a few years ago now) and have had three iPods since. And I have my iPhone, my boyfriend has now bought an iPhone (mostly because of me) and now I have an iPad.

Of course the iPad/iPhone/iTouch experience is all about the apps.
And I have my favorites.

I have bought all of the ‘dash’ games (diner dash, cooking dash, hotel dash, and wedding dash), and they work well for the iPad.
Although not as many levels as the iPhone versions because I finished them in one day.
But the beauty of the dash games is in their simple gameplay which can be repeated without getting boring.
I’m addicted to them.

My boyfriend doesn’t get them at all.