Cosied up in couple-dom

Saturday night, worn out from visiting both pairs of parentals, cleaning, and returning things that had been lent to us, it was a quiet one.
And for some reason I had a hankering for rice.

So (much to j’s disgust) I cooked up some brown rice. In the saucepan which I cooked the rice in, once there was only a little bit of water left, some frozen peas.

Whilst that was cooking away, I fried some chorizo, mushrooms, onions, and it should have had pineapple (because that’s what I really wanted, but alas the pineapple in my fridge was kinda tangy, even for pineapple)

So once the rice had cooked, that went in with the fried ingredients.
Topped with some grated cheese and worcestershire sauce for good measure, and there was my dinner.

J had to make leftover lamb and cheese toasted sandwiches.
Good thing he can fend for himself.



And we’re not talking about the football that i stayed up to watch because it wasn’t replayed until 10:30, and then was a complete disappointment. Looks like we’re going to be wooden spooners. 😦


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