Winter stodge.

It’s cold, so instinctively I turn to pasta for a nice bit of stodge.
And a really simple one at that.20110715-010543.jpg
Capsicum, and onion went into the pan to brown.
Some beef mince and once that was cooked, some mushrooms.
A tin of tomatoes, a tin of kidney beans, plus some water to make it saucey.

Then the pasta went on. I was using up leftovers so it was half angel hair and half fettucine.

That went into our new IKEA bowls, as my old ones have grown slightly warped, and now spin on our stable tables.
So into the new crockery set.

Topped off with some grated tasty cheese and some fresh chives from my garden.

The only criticism was too many beans. But that was my taste, and not having any smaller tins in my pantry.

Winter stodge, with a glass of red wine, and how i met your mother reruns.
It makes the domestic life appealing.




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