cauliflower, it’s better with bacon

Well I have one crook little cookie at home at the moment.
His temperature is up, he’s going between hot and cold, and all his muscles ache.

So what was needed was some soup.

I’m going through a massive cauliflower phase at the moment. I absolutely love the stuff.
So I’m making sure I buy some whenever I go to the supermarket.

So when J called me on his way home from work (he had to work late yesterday when he was feeling ill) and said that he was feeling terrible but really hungry I had to get dinner on straight away.

A quick search on revealed the cauliflower soup that I made last time (no thanks).
But I recalled a conversation with a lovely checkout lady from Coles, who basically described the soup recipe here

I didn’t have leeks so instead I fried a brown onion.
Then I added the potato and cauliflower so that could boil away in chicken stock.

Once it was cooked, I mashed it (as J was asleep on the couch and the stick blender would have woken him) and added cheese and bacon (because everything is better with cheese and bacon).

I think mashing it meant that it was chunkier, which was nice.

Then topped with some fresh chives from the garden.

It was so delicious I went back for seconds.

After my boy fell back asleep on the couch, I cast on for a cowl that I’m making for his sister, and knitted a few rows of that. The lace pattern didn’t really turn out though so I’ve abandoned the lace in favour of the rib that makes up the lace pattern.

It was almost like having a night to myself.



And it makes for some good work lunches aswell



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