On The Bright Side – Perth Esplanade 23/07/2011

I was excited about On The Bright Side for ages.

The prospect of one stage, 8 bands, on the Esplanade is just too inviting.
And with a quality line up, that we didn’t have to miss because of clashes.

It had been threatening to rain all week, but the prognosis on the morning was that the rain wasn’t going to get in the way.
A few pre-drinks at our place, and once everyone had arrived (and it looked like the football was over) we headed towards the train.
An unanticipated stop at the ATM meant that we missed the train that would be just in time for Foster the People.

As it happened we arrived just in time for the end of their set. We walked in as “Pumped Up Kicks” started and the atmosphere was a whole heap of people enjoying themselves which really was the vibe for the entire day.

We armed ourselves with giant cans of Becks before The Grates, and the wonderful Patience Hodgson took to the stage. Their set was a mix of new and old, with the clump of under 18s who had only heard their new album quite apparent. But hits such as “19 20 20”, “Burn Bridges” stood tall amongst the slightly more serious new material.

Next up was The Kills. Allison Mosshart strutted the stage in her skinny skinny jeans and sultry stare, but her vocals delivered, captivating everyone around me.
They were there to promote their newest album, which was fortunate for this girl (who loves it) but J (who hadn’t seen them before) was hoping for a little more old stuff.

Festival staple Tame Impala showed why they’re at every single festival. However everyone in the group had seen them (at least 3 or 4 times) in the last few years, so we used that time to grab some food.

There were no chairs around this year, which was slightly annoying as there was no possibility of sitting on the grass/mud. And watching people sliding through the mud on plastic chairs would have been fun. Maybe that’s why there wasn’t any.

The beer lines were well managed (always the sign of a good festival) with only one point where we looked at the lines and went “maybe later”.
Becks sold out, and the only other option was Emu Export (blech).

Modest Mouse are one of J’s favourite bands. He’s tried to get me to listen to them dozens of times but I never really liked them as much as he does. They did put on an awesome show though. Not being their biggest fan, I was free of the criticisms namely they didn’t play . I could just enjoy the music.

Not being a fan of The Hives (I only own Tyrannosaurus Hives), I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy them as much as I did. I knew that they’d come out in matching suits, but I didn’t expect them to be so much fun. We danced until our feet were sore.

I only know 2 Pulp songs, which was double the rest of the group, so as Pulp was the last on the general consensus was to head home. We stopped when we heard what we thought was the opening to Common People, but it turned out to be the longest intro ever. So once it was confirmed that it wasn’t Common People (or Party Hard, the other Pulp song I know), we headed towards the train. When we figured we had just missed the train (and it was 25 minutes until another one) we got in a taxi, had the (almost traditional) post-gig Maccas (they were out of ice-cream!), and turned in after an awesome festival.








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