On The Bright Side – Perth Esplanade 23/07/2011

I was excited about On The Bright Side for ages.

The prospect of one stage, 8 bands, on the Esplanade is just too inviting.
And with a quality line up, that we didn’t have to miss because of clashes.

It had been threatening to rain all week, but the prognosis on the morning was that the rain wasn’t going to get in the way.
A few pre-drinks at our place, and once everyone had arrived (and it looked like the football was over) we headed towards the train.
An unanticipated stop at the ATM meant that we missed the train that would be just in time for Foster the People.

As it happened we arrived just in time for the end of their set. We walked in as “Pumped Up Kicks” started and the atmosphere was a whole heap of people enjoying themselves which really was the vibe for the entire day.
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Foster The People – Torches

I’m glad piano’s are back in fashion, it makes for some awesome piano hooks. Foster The Peoples debut album is chock full of them.

With their single Pumped Up Kicks, Foster The People have shown they can write a catchy, stuck in your head all day, pop song. The rest of the album shows that it’s not a one off.

Their catchy, poppy vibe will make it super easy to dance to at a festival.

It’s chilled enough for Sunday morning but alive enough for a Saturday night.

Verdict? It should have been released in Summer. It’s definitely suited to lazy days on the beach and summer road trips.
Definitely making my high rotation list.