everything that is connected, and beautiful, and now i know just where i stand

I’m having a really good day.

One of those days when I feel that I’m alive and making a contribution.
I feel like I can do just about anything. I’m alert, I’m active,
I’m thinking. I’m socially engaged.
And I just can’t help but smile.

There was a post I read today (from one of the many blogs I follow) from the lovely Give Me Bows, celebrating her 6 month blogoversary. One of the reasons that I love her blog so much is that it’s plain and simple awesome. She takes things that I like and I think about and makes them into blog posts.
What I liked about that post, is her idea of blogging as a scrap book. It’s a space to call your very own. I think of my blog as my online house. It’s where people can come to get to know me, to know who I am and what I’m about.

And it made me go back and look at where I’ve come from, my first post which was full of trepidation and insecurity, to see how blogging is a part of my life now.
Blogging makes me feel better about myself. It makes me less insecure about my own life. I’m judgemental and jealous. I know that about myself. Blogging has made me appreciate me own life a whole lot more.

I’m still thinking about a better name, but for the mean time, welcome to my world.
My little hub where you can see what I eat, knit, listen, and live.
The world as seen by sparkles.

(title lyrics courtesy of silversun pickups)


2 thoughts on “everything that is connected, and beautiful, and now i know just where i stand

  1. Ohhhh thank you, you are too sweet! I am so glad you find my rambling helpful lol 🙂 I was in the most terrible mood last night and this has cheered me right up. Keep up the great blogging lovely x

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