Minion Making

Well last night I cast on a minion thanks to whendidibecomeaknitter.

And now I know who the first one is going to- my best friend who was in a car accident on Tuesday night. She’s ok. Her car is a little shaken, and she’s bruised and whiplashed, but otherwise ok.

So this first minion will be a protection minion.

I’m making life difficult by using magic loop on 2.25mm needles on a 40cm circular needle (I wish I had a larger needle).
The Moda Vera Noir is really cute though. It’s on special at Spotlight for $4 at the moment so I bought a few colours.

I finished the head last night, but once I turned it inside out I realised I’d mucked up the decreases, so that got frogged but I couldn’t pick up the stitches.

So I cast on again and this is where I’m at.




2 thoughts on “Minion Making

  1. Hahahahahaha. If it makes you feel better, I’m making more too. I did finally have to give in and use DPN’s instead of Magic Loop. It does make it go way faster. Have fun 😉

    1. I’m now onto making some legs, and the double pointed needles are worse!
      Maybe it’s not knowing how to hold them or something but they keep stabbing me.

      Definitely needles to keep handy for a zombie apocalypse.

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