Ladies who luncheon

A leisurely Friday lunch at Oxide in East Perth.

My work lovelies and I went for a spot of lunch. Walking down past Claisebrook Cove we stopped in at Oxide. It didn’t look too busy and we just wanted a quick meal.

One had eggs benedict. Poached eggs with bacon on an open English muffin with Hollandaise Sauce (but not quite enough Hollandaise Sauce).
The other lady had a Chicken and Avocado salad with balsamic vinaigrett (on the side).
And I had blueberry pancakes.

To be fair I had eaten proper lunch (carrot, celery, ham, salad) at 10:30, so I just wanted something sweet.
And it was something sweet.

Delicious hot pancakes, with a mixed berry compote which was just sweet enough. And extra berry compote to pour over the top. And just enough cream to gently coat the pancakes so they slid down my throat quite easily.
Decadent and delicious as we escaped work for an hour and watched the world go by on an almost summery Perth day.

We all need more sweetness in our lives.







Oxide Cafe


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