I want to knit all the things!

I have so many different projects on my needles at the moment.

I have a meerkat which is all ready to sew together, but I just don’t want to. Sewing up is my least favourite part of knitting.


I have a pair of fingerless gloves for my grandma in law. She lives down south where it’s colder, and reads on her kindle at night. So she needs something to keep her hands warm, but allows her to read. She is also one of the most amazingly creative souls I know. She is an sculptor, a sewer, a painter and makes some wonderful multi-textured artworks which I really ought to show you some time.
So she will really appreciate the work put into handmade gloves.
I don’t mind knitting for people who love my gifts.


I’m still plodding away at Parcel. This week hasn’t been conducive to cables.
At some point it will all click again and I’ll spend a whole week knitting it, but this week was not that week.


I also have my 10 stitch blanket and mini-mania on the go. Plus some other top-secret non-knitting projects (stay tuned!!)
All of this wants me to cast on something new!
But I’m resisting the temptation.

(This is typically the time when CaityRosey does one of her amazing posts showcasing all the pretty patterns she’s found this week – but I will resist. Just looking at all the pretty knitted dresses is testing my resolve)

Happy Knitting!!!



Crazy cat lady

So crazy cat lady is one of my beau’s nicknames for me. And I call him my crazy cat.

And then on my twitter timeline I found it! My crazy cat pattern.

So now I’ve started knitting cats.

Crazy cat lady here I come.

The black one is Snowball and the grey one is Lucille.
Snowball because of the Simpsons and because I mucked up the pattern and it looks a bit like a snowball. It’s my Buffy cat because I was watching a lot of Buffy whilst knitting it and there’s a black cat in the credits.

Lucille because of Arrested Development and because it’s fun to say ‘loose seal!’





Minion Making

Well last night I cast on a minion thanks to whendidibecomeaknitter.

And now I know who the first one is going to- my best friend who was in a car accident on Tuesday night. She’s ok. Her car is a little shaken, and she’s bruised and whiplashed, but otherwise ok.

So this first minion will be a protection minion.

I’m making life difficult by using magic loop on 2.25mm needles on a 40cm circular needle (I wish I had a larger needle).
The Moda Vera Noir is really cute though. It’s on special at Spotlight for $4 at the moment so I bought a few colours.

I finished the head last night, but once I turned it inside out I realised I’d mucked up the decreases, so that got frogged but I couldn’t pick up the stitches.

So I cast on again and this is where I’m at.