A socking good weekend

Well I’ve kinda finished my Christmas list. That is the list of what everyone’s getting for christmas.

When I say kinda, I mean not really and it’s almost certain to change.

But I did want to make some more socks, so I searched Ravelry for some socks/slippers which could be made using 8ply yarn. Specifically the Moda Vera Marvel I had in my stash.

I found this pattern, and set to work on them Friday night in front of a How I Met Your Mother marathon.

I’m pleased to say I finished them the next morning.

It was some pretty solid knitting, but they were surprisingly quick.

Even more surprisingly they matched!

I don’t know who will be getting them, one of the boys probably as they’re definitely boy sized.
I didn’t actually think they’d fit anyone until my Mister tried them on and they fit perfectly.

Now to make some more.





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