Last week recap

Because its been a while, and this is why.

There were two mid week gigs. So last week I saw Portishead (amazing), and the national, (fantastic). Knitting group in Monday and finished a sock during the week.
Dinner and movies with friends.
Strata meeting for the apartment block I live in. Watched the entire first series of game of thrones.
Best friends birthday drinks.
And found out my start date for my new job.
And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some stuff.

This weekend isnt going to be much better. Quiz night, work Christmas party, brother in laws birthday, and Cold Chisel. and then start the new job Monday morning.

I think I’m trying to fit too much in.
So to keep this space ticking over I’ll be posting photos of exploits without commentary.

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer/lead up to Christmas too!!!


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