I took her to see India! At the Oval!

Some would say my man and I are a strange couple. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day (or most other Greeting Card holidays), I’ve never celebrated my birthday, and he’s a Christmas grinch. We both believe that all the little gestures during the year are better than one grand gesture.

But one thing we do celebrate every year is the WACA test. The WACA (Western Australian Cricket Association) test is the one international test match in Perth every year.

Allow me to backtrack for a bit.
My Man and I share a love of cricket.
We met at a pub’s beach party (because Australia doesn’t have enough beaches, we recreate them in pubs aswell), when we both broke away from our friends to check the score to the cricket.
We started talking about cricket and we must have hit it off because he called me the next day and we had dinner later that week.
In particular we’re both fans of Test Match Cricket. That’s 5 days of sport. And so the first year we were going out, I got us both tickets to the Test match as his Christmas present. And we’ve gone every year since.

This week we were arguing over how many years we had been going out and it was resolved by counting how many test matches we’d seen together (4).
With yesterday’s win, we’ve now seen 2 wins (India, England) and 2 losses (South Africa, Sri Lanka).

But the best part about this year is that my Man can now say he’s taken me to see India, at the WACA.
It’s one of my favourite quotes from Fawlty Towers. I love the Major. He’s such a well written character, and when he’s saying this quote he does it with such sincerity and comedic timing.

It’s always an enjoyable experience. This series against India generated quite a lot of interested so there were more people there than usual (Ashes excluded), but we still had some space either side to spread out. And the best thing is, Australia won!






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