30 before I turn 30

Before anyone asks, today is NOT my birthday, but it’s close enough for me to realise that I’m turning 30 next year.

I don’t like to celebrate my birthday as the idea of having more than 3 people’s attention on me solely because I’m getting older makes me want to lock myself in a room and never leave. I much prefer to treat it like any other day and save the attention for actual achievements.

So I thought I’d reflect and write down 30 achievements which I think are are and worth celebrating.
While I’ve never been on tv for more than 2 seconds, seen my writing in a magazine, travelled outside of Australia, or been able to complete a photo-a-day challenge I have done some pretty cool and worthwhile things with my life.

1) Bought a house
2) Crossed the Nullabor
3) Shaved my head for Cancer research
4) Jumped out of a plane
5) Learnt to knit
6) Graduated from University with a degree
7) Bought an apartment (& endured it flooding)
8) Travelled out of the state by myself
9) Sang in front of an audience
10) Ran 12km without stopping
11) Watched 6 consecutive Test Matches live
12) Can cook a lasagne from scratch
13) Been to a football game with 70,000 other people
14) Managed a team of 5 people
15) Assembled an IKEA wardrobe by myself
16) Went to 6 music festivals in a year (and 3 in 8 days)
17) Can/could play all of The Entertainer, not just the first bit that everyone knows.
18) Kept the same blog for 3 years
19) Made a sale on Etsy
20) Successfully negotiated a pay-rise
21) Read all 6 Jane Austen novels (cover to cover)
22) Taught someone how to play the drums
23) Held the banner for Port Adelaide to run through
24) Have seen 222 bands live (at last count & have been backstage at bonjovi & met several others)
25) Been thanked in the notes of someones Thesis

And there are 5 things I hope to achieve before I’m 30
26) Go to a test match at the MCG
27) Complete Post-Grad Studies
28) See Blood Red Shoes live
29) Have 20 etsy sales
30) Travel outside of Australia ($$ permitting)

I want to watch my football team win a premiership at the MCG – before I’m 30 would be nice, but before I’m 35 would also be acceptable.



6 thoughts on “30 before I turn 30

  1. Wow, you have done a lot of really cool stuff! I am particularly impressed that you can run for 12km! Next year is the year in which I am finally going overseas! I am very excited as it’s been one of my goals for a very long time. Where do you think you will go? I am going to Singapore ^___^

    1. Could run 12km. Definitely couldn’t anymore.
      Yay for overseas trips!!!! I would love to go to the UK and see all the Doctor Who/Torchwood/Harry Potter/geeky stuff I could. But I think if I plan for New Zealand that might be more achievable.
      It surprised me just how much cool stuff I had managed to do. Definitely worth making a list and remembering it all.

  2. I absolutely love the picture of the shaved head. You wear that so well! Congrats on all your accomplishments. As I draw nearer and nearer to 40, each year I find it less stressful to age. So hopefully you’ve got that to look forward to as well!

      1. THAT I can completely understand. I feel the same way, I always hope people will ignore it. And, let’s just say, for my 30th, it was NOT ignored properly.

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