Typewriter blanket – WIP

This 10 stitch blanket is getting bigger slowly but surely.

I have now used up two balls of yarn, and am trying to figure out how big to make this.

I’m also under a bit of pressure because although the bub isn’t due for another month, her first was a month premature.

So this is taking up all of my knitting time and it’s making me feel like a typewriter.
It’s the ten stitches.
Everytime I get to the end of the row and have to turn around I go *ping!* like a little bell is going off in my head.

It’s incredible just how quickly it’s knitting up. I’m going to be incredibly proud once it’s finished, and just hope that it is loved like the love that went in to it.




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One thought on “Typewriter blanket – WIP

  1. Love this blanket!! I have it in my Rav queue, but was always curious to its construction. I can kind of see how it is knit by your pictures; very interesting!! I am going to cast on for it soon, I think 🙂

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