Grr argh

I’ve been a cranky person all week. Really massively cranky.

Cranky panda, temper tantrum, hissy fits, grrrrr!!!!!

So I cast on socks. (Once my headaches subsided).

It’s horrible, squeaky acrylic which I bought because I liked the colour. Fortunately I do still like the colour because the acrylic is annoying me.

It’s sport weight and surprisingly not stretchy at all. So I’ve had to increase it a bit after trying them on.

But the colours are pretty. Like icecream. Not that I’ve ever seen grey icecream. I think it’s just the pink.

I’m planning on doing the heel and cuff ribbing in the same grey as the toe. The toe which I did too much of.

Cranky I tell you.

But the weekend is just around the corner, and I have rounds of stockinette to keep me sane.



(Frogging is also good for the crankies)

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