Things my left arm is useful for

It’s been 4 days of being one handed. And in that time I’ve discovered how little I valued my left hand.

My right hand gets all the glory. It’s stronger, automatically gets the jar opening jobs, and (when I used to play piano) all the pretty melodies.

The left arm is not so useful. Yes it would hold stuff. But I’ve since discovered a whole heap of stuff my left arm is useful for. There’s the usual, getting dressed, cooking dinner, washing dishes which I’m milking for all it’s worth delegating to other capable members of the household, but there’s other things the left hand helps with.

* holding the spoon whilst trying to get enough liquid out of a tea bag to get it from the cup to the bin without making a mess (and another potential slip hazard)

* opening packets of biscuits which you had sticky taped closed but now it’s impossible to get the end of the sticky tape to open.

* opening an umbrella. This task is made more difficult when it’s already raining and the umbrella is sheathed in what is now referred to as The WORST INVENTION EVER!! Inevitable you will end up swallowing all pride and walking the 100m from the train station to work in the rain repeating “I am not the wicked witch of the west” underneath your breath like a mad woman.

*brushing my teeth was surprisingly not difficult. The child proof cap on my mouth wash is discriminating against one handed people and don’t get me started on flossing.

*ziplock bags are most knitters friends. But is there anything more sad* than packing up ones wip’s because they’re not going to receive any attention for a while, placing them lovingly into ziplock bags, but not being able to close them by yourself.

There are some things that you cant trust others to do.


*please read this in the spirit it was written. I am not in any way insinuating that my out of action elbow is a serious thing. I am hugely grateful that I can get good quality medical care, and that I am privileged to have 2 working arms to begin with.
I am laughing at myself and the predicament I find myself in.

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