Jewellery pimping

Out in this mail this week went several little packages.

Some will be expected and some won’t so I hope they brighten up the recipients day.



I’ve also pimped out mum with a pair of earrings.


Made a bracelet for an alcoholic dinosaur.


A bracelet for a strong, smart, sensual woman.


And a couple of rings for me. Just because I can.



5 thoughts on “Jewellery pimping

  1. I think you’re Beks-who-makes-everything. Also, I’ve never seen that alcoholic dinosaur thing before. So funny.

  2. Love the strong, smart, sensible tag, although strong, smart and silly would fit me better;). I like the colour wire you have used for your rings…I may just have to give the heart one a go. Have a great weekend.x

    1. The copper wire is from our local hardware store and is marketed as picture wire!!! But I wanted something cheap to muck around with. Hardware stores can be awesome sources for crafting supplies.

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