The weekend where Bek is clumsy

I’m clumsy. In my 27 years on earth I’ve broken my arm once (falling off a desk), had staples in my leg (a rogue nutella jar), and have various scars from hair lackys, baking equipment, and cereal boxes.

So I’m clumsy, my best friend is accident prone, and my Mister, well between getting old diseases like scurvy and gout, gets bitten by spiders quite a lot.
We are in Australia I guess.

So this weekend it was my turn to be clumsy.
At some point on Friday night, whilst the three of us were quietly watching a game of football with a few quiet beers I’ve fallen over pretty hard and sprained (possibly broken) my elbow.


So the rest of the weekend was spent not knitting. Including a trip to the doctors which is usually prime knitting time.

I’m also discovering just how much I use my left arm (I’m right handed which is lucky), but this blog post has taken me twice as long to type as it usually would.

So I’ve tripled my favourite list on Ravelry. Ordered some yarn from etsy. Watched some football (without falling over). And am now waiting to have an X-ray this afternoon.

I’m pretty sure it’s not broken. But I am rocking a very sexy sling.

So there are no knitting pictures from the weekend.
But this is the sunset on Friday night.

And please excuse any typos. This one handed thing is hard.





Oh I made sausage rolls pre-clumsiness.

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