Enough with the sneezing

Three boxes of tissues, a packet of antihistamines, buckets of lemon tea, and some knitted dishcloths.

That was the weekend.

I figured dishcloths are probably the best thing to make whilst being all germy. They’re going to be washed anyway so the germs will wash out.

And everyone in the family is getting dishcloths for Christmas. They’re practical which fits in very well with my family’s gift giving ethos.
Plus my mother in law is a big environmentalist and I’m going to score mega brownie points with some home made scourers. Although I’ll probably end up with a standing order.

So I spent most of the weekend with ravelry open looking for different types of dishcloths.
There’s the
waffle cloth, ripple cloth, heart cloth, and a loin cloth.

I was planning on giving the leaf to my Mumsi until the Mister kindly pointed out its resemblance to a loin cloth.
Thanks hun.







3 thoughts on “Enough with the sneezing

  1. These are so cool! Hope you are feeling a bit better again. I had a major cold and was feeling sickish last week. Turned out I had a tonsil infection of some sort, had to take antibiotics but am feeling a whole lot better again now πŸ™‚

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